Wedding Details that Shine: Tips for Making Your St. Louis Style Pop in Photos with JD Imagery

St. Louis is a city bursting with personality, and your wedding should reflect that! Forget cookie-cutter decor and let your unique style shine through in every detail. From bold pops of color to unexpected textures, your St. Louis wedding should be a visual feast that reflects your love story and leaves your guests talking long after the last dance. To help you make your vision a reality, here are some tips and inspiration for stunning, photo-worthy details:

Embrace the St. Louis Spirit

  • Gateway Chic

    • Channel the iconic Gateway Arch with geometric shapes and metallic accents. Think geometric tablecloths, twinkling fairy lights strung in triangles, and metallic vases filled with vibrant blooms.
  • Forest Park Fairytale

    • Let the natural beauty of Forest Park inspire your decor. Use lush greenery garlands, lanterns nestled among the trees, and rustic wooden accents to create a whimsical, outdoorsy vibe.
  • Mississippi Magic

    • Capture the grandeur of the Mississippi River with nautical touches. Think driftwood centerpieces, navy and white striped linens, and miniature ship escort cards.

Details that Dazzle

  • Bouquets Beyond Bouquets

    • Ditch the traditional bouquet and get creative! Think unexpected floral crowns, cascading greenery installations, or even a colorful bouquet made entirely of feathers or succulents.
  • Invitations that Intrigue

    • Your invitations are the first glimpse your guests get of your wedding style. Play with textures, like embossed paper or velvet ribbons, or surprise them with a unique shape or fold.
  • Cakes that Crave the Camera

    • Forget the standard white frosted cake! Opt for a tiered masterpiece bursting with color, adorned with fresh fruit, macarons, or even whimsical figurines that reflect your personalities.

Photo-Worthy Tips

    • Think Contrast

      • Play with light and dark, rough and smooth, natural and modern. Contrasting textures and colors create visual interest and make your details stand out in photos.
    • Layer it Up

      • Don’t be afraid to layer different elements! Combine textures like wood and lace, mix metals like gold and copper, and layer floral arrangements of varying heights.
    • Light it Right

      • Strategic lighting can elevate your details from pretty to breathtaking. String fairy lights around greenery, place candles on textured tablecloths, or use uplighting to highlight unique architectural features.

Capture the Moments that Matter

At JD Imagery, we believe your wedding details deserve to be seen and savored. Our experienced photographers know how to capture the essence of your unique style and tell the story of your day through every carefully chosen detail. We’ll find the perfect angle to showcase your floral masterpiece, frame your stunning cake in dramatic light, and capture the playful twinkle in your eyes as you admire it all.

Let JD Imagery bring your St. Louis wedding vision to life with stunning photography that captures the beauty of every detail. Contact us today and let’s create magic together!