St. Louis Weddings in Motion

JD Imagery Videography Captures Your Love Story

Forget boring, cookie-cutter wedding videos

Your St. Louis love story deserves a cinematic masterpiece, a film that makes your heart pound like a drum solo at The Pageant and leaves you misty-eyed like a walk along the Mississippi on a foggy morning. And that’s where JD Imagery comes in, your caffeine-fueled, Outlander-obsessed fairy godmother with a camera that captures love better than Jamie Fraser captures trout.

Think beyond shaky phone footage and generic drone shots

We weave your St. Louis wedding day into a cinematic symphony, a visual love letter that explodes with the Gateway Arch’s majesty, the laughter echoing through The Moonrise Hotel, and the whispered promises exchanged under the Missouri Botanical Garden’s starlit sky.
Picture this
  • First kisses bathed in golden sunlight, the Gateway Arch a silhouetted witness to your forever.
  • Tears of joy glistening in your eyes as you dance under the Citygarden’s twinkly lights, your love painting the cityscape with stardust.
  • Swirling skirts and infectious laughter at The Cheshire, captured in slow-motion perfection, making you relive the night’s pure joy forever.
  • Heartfelt speeches filled with St. Louis memories, their warmth radiating through the screen and into your soul.
  • Tiny hands reaching for yours during the first dance, a moment you’ll cherish even more with every rewatch.
I'm more than just a photographer

We're not just videographers, we're storytellers

We zoom in on the raw emotions, the stolen glances, the little moments that make your love story uniquely yours. We capture the St. Louis magic that infuses your day, from the clinking of glasses at Soulard’s cozy bars to the wind whispering through Forest Park’s emerald embrace.

Here's what sets JD Imagery's St. Louis wedding videography apart:

Passion, not pixels

We believe in the power of genuine emotion, not staged drama. Your video will be a reflection of your authentic love story, not a cheesy Hollywood montage.

St. Louis soul, amplified

We know this city like the back of our hand, its hidden gems and iconic landmarks ready to be your cinematic backdrop. We’ll find the perfect locations to showcase your love’s unique St. Louis spark.

Cinematic magic, not cookie-cutter memories

We craft bespoke wedding films, tailored to your budget, your vision, and your one-of-a-kind love story. No generic templates here, just raw emotion transformed into cinematic gold.

Tears, laughter, and goosebumps guaranteed

Forget predictable wedding videos. We’ll make you laugh, cry, and fall in love with your wedding day all over again, every time you hit play.

Ready to transform your St. Louis wedding into a film that will move hearts for generations?

Drop us a line! We’ll schedule a free consultation where we can talk about your love story, your St. Louis dreams, and how JD Imagery can weave your magical day into a cinematic masterpiece. We might even throw in a glass of Pinot Grigio (or coffee, if you’re Meredith… no judgment).

So, go forth and let your love story unfold! Your St. Louis wedding film awaits!