St. Louis Love, Insta-Worthy Style: Decor Ideas for Wedding Photos that Steal the Scroll

Ah, St. Louis! Where love whispers under the Gateway Arch and your wedding promises to be a masterpiece. But beyond the vows and cake, it’s the little details that elevate your celebration – and your photos! Let’s explore some decor magic that’ll make your St. Louis wedding not just unforgettable, but scroll-stoppingly stunning.

Blooming Brilliance:

  • Local Love

    • Embrace St. Louis’s vibrant floral scene! Work with talented local florists like [vendor name] to weave seasonal blooms into centerpieces, arches, or cascading garlands that capture the city’s natural beauty.
  • Unexpected Accents

    • Go beyond roses and lilies! Experiment with unique foliage, berries, or even succulents for a textured, modern look. Think wildflowers dancing in Mason jars or air plants suspended from vintage terrariums.

Lighting Illusions:

  • Twinkle Time

    • Fairy lights aren’t just for gardens! Drape them over trees, weave them through chairs, or create a starry canopy above the dance floor. JD Imagery knows how to capture the magic of light, transforming your reception into a photo dreamland.
  • Candlelight Romance

    • Soft candlelight adds warmth and intimacy to any setting. Play with lanterns, vintage candelabras, or even floating candles in water basins for a touch of timeless elegance.

DIY Delight:

  • Vintage Vignettes

    • Scour local flea markets and antique stores for quirky treasures – mismatched plates, vintage suitcases, or old books. Create personalized vignettes at the dessert table or guest book station for a unique, photogenic touch.
  • Paper Play

    • Unleash your inner artist! Craft paper lanterns, pom-poms, or garlands in your color palette. Hang them from trees, string them across doorways, or create a whimsical photo backdrop.

Beyond the Blooms:

  • St. Louis Flair

    • Embrace the city’s spirit! Incorporate quirky nods to local landmarks, like miniature Arch cake toppers or jazz band entertainment for your cocktail hour. These details not only personalize your celebration but also make for fun, unexpected photo moments.
  • Guestbook Graffiti

    • Ditch the traditional guestbook! Set up a vintage typewriter or paint a large canvas for guests to leave their well wishes with artistic flair. These interactive elements are both entertaining and create unique photo opportunities.


Remember, your St. Louis wedding is your canvas. Don’t be afraid to experiment, blend styles, and personalize your decor to reflect your unique love story. Let JD Imagery capture the magic, light, and joy of your creations in timeless frames.

Ready to make your St. Louis wedding an Insta-worthy masterpiece?

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