St. Louis Love Stories in Focus

JD Imagery Couples Photography

Forget awkward poses and forced smiles

Your St. Louis love deserves an epic photoshoot, a kaleidoscope of laughter, stolen glances, and Gateway Arch-sized romance. And that’s where JD Imagery comes in, your caffeine-fueled, Outlander-obsessed fairy godmother with a zoom lens that captures love better than Jamie Fraser captures trout.

We're not just about staged portraits and Pinterest-perfect settings

We’re about the real, the messy, the “can’t stop laughing, even if my mascara runs” kind of moments. 

  • Sunset kisses by the Mississippi, bathed in golden light, reflecting in your partner’s adoring eyes.
  • Playful frolicking in Forest Park, the leaves swirling around you like a romantic confetti storm.
  • Cozy coffee dates in Soulard’s hidden gems, where whispers of “forever” mingle with latte steam.
  • Rooftop toasts overlooking the city lights, celebrating your love against the glittering backdrop of St. Louis.
  • Adventures downtown, capturing the city’s vibrant energy as it fuels your shared spark.
I'm more than just a photographer

We're storytellers, not just photographers

We zoom in on the little things, the inside jokes, the way your hands find each other, and weave them into a visual tapestry of your unique love story. We know St. Louis like the back of our hand, its hidden alleys and iconic landmarks ready to be your love’s cinematic backdrop.

Here's what sets JD Imagery apart

Passion, not pixels

We believe in authenticity. Your photos will be a reflection of your real connection, not some staged Pinterest dream. We capture the raw emotions, the nervous giggles, the way your eyes light up when you see each other.

St. Louis soul, amplified

This city is your playground, and we’ll find the perfect locations to showcase your love’s unique St. Louis vibe. From hidden gardens to bustling streets, we’ll paint your connection with the city’s vibrant energy.

More than "just us"

We’re your hype squad, your confidantes, the ones who fangirl over your love story like it’s our own. We’ll create a fun, comfortable atmosphere where you can be yourselves, and we’ll capture those genuine moments of joy and connection.

Memories, not mass production

We craft bespoke couple photography experiences, tailored to your budget, your vision, and your one-of-a-kind love story. No cookie-cutter packages here, just genuine passion and creative magic.

Ready to capture the spark (and sass) of your St. Louis love story?

Drop us a line! We’ll schedule a free consultation to chat about your dream photoshoot, your favorite St. Louis haunts, and how JD Imagery can transform your love’s adventures into timeless memories. We might even throw in a glass of Pinot Grigio (or coffee, if you’re Meredith… no judgment).

So, go forth and paint the town with your love! Your St. Louis couple photography adventure awaits!