About JD Imagery

Where Love, Laughter, and a Whole Lot of Pinot Meet Your Big Day


We’re not your average wedding photography studio. We’re JD Imagery, fueled by sarcasm, fueled by passion, and fueled by enough Pinot Grigio to make Jamie Fraser blush. Jaclyn, your personal Sassenach and boss babe, leads the charge with her unwavering dedication to capturing your love story in all its messy, beautiful glory. But don’t worry, she’s not going solo!

Wedding Photographer in St. Louis

Joining the party are...


The Associate Photographer whose hunger rivals her true crime obsession. Don't worry, your cake is safe... probably. Just make sure there's Top Shelf Marg with extra salt on hand.


The Associate Photographer whose endless sunshine might rival her questionable karaoke. Ice coffee is her fuel, and making you feel like the star of the show is her superpower.


the Associate Photographer, queen of hype squads and mama extraordinaire. With her endless supply of baby snuggles and camera clicks, she'll capture every heartwarming moment (and probably steal your phone for more pictures).

Together, we’re the dream team who’ll transform your St. Louis wedding into a fairytale you can sip Pinot on for years to come. So ditch the boring, embrace the real, and let’s get ready to paint the town (and your Instagram feed) with JD Imagery magic!

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